Rehearsing the Conversations That Matter

Our instructional designers leverage their creativity and years of experience to design programs that are a potent blend of engagement, instruction and immersion.

Signature Workshops

Proven scalable workshops, customized for your audience.


Half or full-day laugh-filled workshop focused on Team Building, Increasing Trust, Developing Confidence and Boosting Creativity. Produced in partnership with Villain Theater.

Performing Presence

Half or full-day workshop, leveraging the toolkit of the professional actor, focused on Expanding your Personal Style, Increasing Impact & Influence, and Mastering Your Personal Story.

Critical Conversations

Multi-workshop program utilizing trained actor-coaches as practice partners to help participants master their most consequential conversations.

Build Your Own Program

Review our Skills Catalogue and design something bespoke.

Leadership Coaching

Private coaching packages for highly-focused development

Embedded Partnerships

Your in-house theater company and creative consultants