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Your team could use a boost in more ways than one. The old playbook isn’t cutting it. You need to improve morale and camaraderie, but also develop crucial skills in the team members closest to the customer.

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Our Approach

The core skills of improvisation are also the fundamental building blocks for high-performers. Active Listening. Collaboration. Creative Problem-Solving. Play2Win develops these skills while hosting what your team will remember as one of the most hilarious days they’ve ever spent at work.

The Program

A half-day workshop that blends seamlessly with other sessions for a perfect on-boarding or team off-site experience
As many participants as the venue can comfortably accommodate
Number of coaches responsive to goals & budget
No decks. Full of interactive small & large group exercises
Built for all types, introverts included


Increase trust between team members
Learn to listen actively and build with offers
Develop confidence in one’s own voice
Shift mindset from win/lose to creative problem-solving
Create a lasting memory for your team

More Services from Alejo

Signature Programs

Our signature programs focus on three crucial junctures in the Talent Development pipeline.


Designed for front-line contributors: new joiners, sales reps, and all who could benefit from the three C’s of Communication, Collaboration & Creativity.

Critical Conversations

Built for first-time People Leaders, or those in need of a Management Skills booster shot.

Performing Presence

Built for rising leaders, or those whose success requires them to make strong connections with others.

Build Your Own Program

Review our Skills Catalogue and design something bespoke.

Leadership Coaching

Private coaching packages for highly-focused development.

Embedded Partnerships

Your in-house theater company and creative consultants.