Build Your Own Program

Sometimes organizational cultures are so unique, or issues are so idiosyncratic that only something built-to-purpose will suffice. This is the route for enterprising business leaders who know their people intimately, and/or recognize their goals are particularly complex and specific.

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Our Approach

All of our Signature Workshops began as Build Your Own offerings. We pride ourselves on a time-tested, carefully-structured collaboration process, from initial brainstorm to official roll-out. We listen carefully, iterate thoughtfully, and adjust to feedback on a dime.

The Program

A robust discovery process
Collaborative design approach
Multiple stuctured touchpoints, including virtual dry runs, in-person “dress rehearsals”, post-pilot feedback sessions, and more.


Operationalizing of your creative ideas
Pride of accomplishment for your team
Refreshing new approach to instructional design
A proprietary L&D program that’s yours in perpetuity

More Services from Alejo

Signature Programs

Our signature programs focus on three crucial junctures in the Talent Development pipeline.


Designed for front-line contributors: new joiners, sales reps, and all who could benefit from the three C’s of Communication, Collaboration & Creativity.

Critical Conversations

Built for first-time People Leaders, or those in need of a Management Skills booster shot.

Performing Presence

Built for rising leaders, or those whose success requires them to make strong connections with others.

Build Your Own Program

Review our Skills Catalogue and design something bespoke.

Leadership Coaching

Private coaching packages for highly-focused development.

Embedded Partnerships

Your in-house theater company and creative consultants.