Critical Conversations

The road from Individual Contributor to People Lead can be a treacherous journey. Suddenly, we’re expected to lead engaging meetings, give useful feedback, provide meaningful coaching, motivate & recognize others – and we’re woefully under-equipped. We need a toolkit, some useful models, but most importantly, we need a safe place to practice.

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Our Approach

A three-part program focused on Setting the Scene, Talking & Listening, and Moving to Action, Critical Conversations leverages some of our most popular and innovative methods — Scripted Drama, Interactive Case Studies, Enhanced Role Play — to provide participants with a potent mix of best practices, meaningful practice and real-time feedback.

The Program

Modular, multi-workshop program — pairs well with 1:1 or small group coaching
Small to medium size, 6-20 participants, to create a strong peer learning community
1 Lead Facilitator, plus 3-4 Actor-Coaches
A mix of interactive drama, full group discussion + hands-on small group practice


Improved safety, quality and productivity at work
Strengthened relationships
Revitalized, growth-oriented culture
Better individual health and sustainability
A gift to succession planning & career advancement

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