Leadership Coaching

At a certain point in a leader’s trajectory, they go from being high performing contributors to having to deliver results through others. At this stage, their technical expertise matters less, their ability to communicate clearly and compellingly matters most.

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Our Approach

Often tied to a group workshop but sometimes ordered separately, our Coaching Packages give motivated leaders the opportunity to work with a dedicated communications coach over a set number of sessions on measurable goals of their own design.

The Program

Packages of 3 - 12 coaching sessions
45 - 75 minute-long sessions
Coach assigned after needs assessment
A custom blend of SMART goal setting, accountability measures, skill-building exercises and hands-on rehearsal


An accountability partner for your personal communication goals
Progress measured and tracked
Thorough diagnostic of strengths & liabilities
Customized take-home resources
A reliable place to prep for important conversations

More Services from Alejo

Signature Programs

Our signature programs focus on three crucial junctures in the Talent Development pipeline.


Designed for front-line contributors: new joiners, sales reps, and all who could benefit from the three C’s of Communication, Collaboration & Creativity.

Critical Conversations

Built for first-time People Leaders, or those in need of a Management Skills booster shot.

Performing Presence

Built for rising leaders, or those whose success requires them to make strong connections with others.

Build Your Own Program

Review our Skills Catalogue and design something bespoke.

Leadership Coaching

Private coaching packages for highly-focused development.

Embedded Partnerships

Your in-house theater company and creative consultants.